Section of Talk: adjective Synonyms: analytic, cogent, conclusive, detailed, diagnostic, discrete, dissecting, instructive, expository, inquiring, inquisitive, interpretive, undercover, careful, plausible, structured, penetrating, perceptive, perspicuous, precise, problemsolving, questioning, ratiocinative, sensible, moderately, controlled, browsing, reliable, noise, studious, delicate, methodical, testing, extensive, good Antonyms: severe,, unreasonable, synthetical, unsystematic that is disorganized Entry: analytic logical Part of Speech: adjective Definition: examining and determining Synonyms: cogent, decisive, comprehensive, analytical, distinct, dissecting, instructive, expository, inquiring, curious, interpretive, investigative, cautious, sensible, prepared, penetrating, intelligent, perspicuous, specific, problemsolving, questioning, ratiocinative, realistic, fair, technological, exploring, solid, sound, studious, subtle, methodical, testing, thorough, valid, wellgrounded Entry: cerebral Section of Speech: adjective Classification: using oneis mind Alternatives: logical, smart erudite, rational, clever, recondite,, smart that is scholarly Entry: essential Part of Speech: adjective Description: fault-finding detracting, Alternatives: analytical, belittling, biting, calumniatory, captious, carping, caviling, cavillous, censorious, censuring, choleric, condemning, critic, reducing, negative, stressful, demeaning, derogatory, diagnostic, disapproving, discerning, discriminating, disparaging, challenging, exceptive, picky, fussy, hairsplitting, humbling, hypercritical, decreasing, irritating, worrying, nit picking, overcritical, certain, penetrating, reproachful, ironic, satirical, scolding, significant, sharp, trenchant, withering Antonyms: free, laudatory, remembering Entry: curious Part of Dialog: adjective Classification: needing information, understanding Alternatives disquisitive, reviewing inquiring inspecting interfering investigative meddling, nosy, peeping, peering, prurient, prying, confused, questioning, scrutinizing, browsing tampering Antonyms: disinterested, uninterested that is indifferent Main Entry: explanatory Section of Speech: adjective Synonyms: allegorical, systematic, annotative, critical, declarative, demonstrative, diagrammatic, discursive, elucidatory, enlightening, exegetic, exegetical, explicative, expositional, expository, graphical, driving, hermeneutic, illuminative, illustrative, informative, informing, instructive, interpretive, justifying, overview, extra Antonyms: baffling, inexplicable,, baffling, uncertain, fuzzy that are hidden Entry: asking Element of Talk: adjective Definition: thinking, interested Synonyms: Socratic, logical, catechistic, unsure, examining, fact-finding curious, serious, interrogative, investigative, investigatory, nosy, external – wanting, probing questioning, quizzical speculative, studious Antonyms: disinterested, incurious, unskeptical Entry: curious Element of Dialog: adjective Synonyms: analytic, major-eyed, demanding, ahead, impertinent, inquiring, inquisitorial, interested, invasive, investigative, meddlesome, meddling, nosy, peering, particular, putting, presumptuous, probing, spying, questioning, scrutinizing, looking, sifting, snooping, speculative Antonyms: incurious, indifferent uninterested Main Entry: rational A part of Speech: adjective Classification:, reasonable that is potential Alternatives: analytic, analytical, apparent, cogent, coherent, commonsensical, engaging, congruent, accompanying, regular, convincing, deducible, worrying, discriminating, extensional, honest, germane, keeping together, retaining water, inferential, smart, judicious, juridicious, justifiable, kosher*, legit, reliable, articulate, probably, required, apparent, perceptive, perspicuous, applicable, probable, rational, applicable, wise, audio, simple, showing, logical, properly-organized, clever Antonyms: unreasonable, impossible, irrational,, unreasonable that is impossible Entry: numerical Part of Talk: adjective Description: concerning treatment of numbers Synonyms: algebraic, algorithmic, diagnostic, arithmetical geometric, q,, mathematical, medical, trigonometric that is considerable